Miss L. Smiley, treasurer in Montrose, CO 1894

Miss Lelia (Leila, Lilia, Lena?) Smiley became one of the first women elected to political office after women achieved the right to vote in Colorado in 1893.  Here is the evidence we have of her so far from coloradohistoricnewspapers.org

Castle Rock Journal, Feb 28, 1894
The ladies of Montrose had a caucus on the 8th for the purpose of nominating a ticket for the spring election. After a number of preliminary remarks the following ticket was agreed to: Mayor, Dr. A. Johnson; trustees, E. J. Matthews, A. F. Reeves, S. E. Dawson; treasurer, Miss Lena Smiley.

Colorado Transcript, April 11, 1894
THE MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS. Colorado Towns Choose New Officials With the Aid of the Women. Great Interest Taken In the Result.

Elections for municipal officers were held in all the towns of the state last Tuesday. The notable feature of these elections was the voting for the first time of women. The old question as to whether they would vote was answered in the affirmative, as in many towns they cast as many votes as the men did. …

Montrose elected Miss Lilia Smiley for clerk. …

Pueblo Chieftain from November 4, 1894
A Woman Treasurer

Miss Smiley, who has just been elected city treasurer of Montrose, Colo., resigns a place as head clerk in one of the largest dry goods houses in the city to accept the office. She received her nomination through the efforts of the Woman’s Political club, indorsed, however, by some of the leading businessmen of the place.

Montrose Enterprise, Volume VIII, Number 22, June 13, 1896
Miss Lelia Smiley went to Telluride last Sunday to accept a position as a book-keeper in Young Bros.’ store.

Montrose Enterprise, Volume VIII, Number 28, July 25, 1896
Miss Leila Smiley, formerly with Abe Roberts & Co. of Montrose, is clerk in dry goods department, has this week has accepted a similar and regular position with W. B. Van Atta in Telluride. While in her former situation Miss Smiley enjoyed the reputation of being the leading lady clerk in Montrose. and she will certainly sustain her well earned reputation while employed here. –Telluride Republican.

Montrose Enterprise, Volume VIII, Number 37, September 26, 1896
Mrs. Young, daughter of Mrs. Smiley, arrived from Telluride yesterday and will visit some lime with relatives.

Daily Journal (Telluride), August 19, 1901
Mrs. Perry Everett, nee Lena Smiley, who is now residing at Cripple Creek, was among Saturday evening’s arrivals from the north and will visit her sister, Mrs. M. F. Young, for the next few weeks.

Daily Journal (Telluride), January 21, 1899
Miss Lelia Smiley, who has had charge of the dry goods department of W. B. Van Atta’s large store for the last two or three years, left this morning for Montrose and Delta , where she will visit relatives and friends for a couple of months and at the same time take a much needed rest . Miss Smiley was accompanied by her mother, who will visit relatives at Montrose .

Telluride Journal, March 18, 1899
Miss Lelia Smiley and mother, who have been visiting relatives and friends at Delta and Montrose for the last two months, returned to Telluride Saturday evening both very much improved in health. Miss Smiley within the next couple of days will resume her position with W. B. VanAtta.

Telluride Journal, May 27, 1899
Miss Lelia Smiley, who has been in Montrose for several weeks attending her mother who has been seriously ill for some time, returned to Telluride last evening. She says she left her mother very much improved and has hopes of her recovery in a short time.

San Miguel Examiner, Volume XIV, Number 7, August 26, 1899
TELLURIDE SABBATH SCHOOL meets in the school room of the church on Sunday mornings at 10 o’clock. R. H. Washburn. Superintendent. Miss Lelia Smiley, Secretary.